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BlueSmart Premiere 7
$525 Per Site*
BlueFinger Software Module
Fingerprint Reader
This option includes a Fingerprint Reader hardware as well as the software module.
$170 Per Site**  
BlueFinger Software Module Only
You must purchase a Digital Persona U.R.U. 4000 or 4500 series fingerprint reader yourself.
$100 Per Site**  
BlueScan Software Module
Wired USB Barcode Scanner
$280 Per Site** (out of stock)  
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* Per-Site License
The Per-Site License entitles the purchasing company to use BlueSmart within one contiguous physical site, on as many computers as are on this site. A company with multiple sites must purchase multiple Per-Site Licenses.

** Per-Site License
The Per-Site License is granted only to the BlueScan barcode software module. If you want to run multiple copies of BlueScan on the same premises you will need to purchase additional scanner hardware.

*** Barcode scanner purchased independently
Non-BlueScan barcode scanners may or may not work with the BlueScan module, and BlueSparx does not provide technical support for such scanners, even when they are the same make and model scanner that is bundled with BlueSmart.