Contact Manager and Information Organizer


The BlueSmart Contact Manager allows you to store and retrieve information for all your contacts (vendors, potential customers, business contacts, friends, etc.)

It gives you a space to record the basics such as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as well as a place to record notes, reminders and contact log information.

The BlueSmart Contact Manager is tightly integrated with other functions of the software package, and allows you to easily access and transfer necessary information.

The BlueSmart Info Nook is the place to store all the miscellaneous information you need to run your business. It's the place to store helpful web URLs, reference materials, etc.

The Info Nook is a unique feature of BlueSmart that allows you to clear your desk of easily-lost sticky notes and loose pieces of paper. The Info Nook keeps you organized and its search feature lets you retrieve your information effortlessly.