Do EFT yourself


A lot of our customers are very independant minded people and would like to havea firm control over their finances. One way to do it is to do the EFT by themselves, and avoid paying hundreds of dollars every month to the processing companies.

BlueSmart helps you with step by step guide how to generate the EFT documents. It just cannot get easier than that.


Note: You must contact your bank to setup the In-House EFT. The bank will provide, upon approval, ACH sfotware that is specifically designed to handle ACH traffic between your organization and the bank. You can import BlueSmart generated EFT data entries to the ACH software to do the EFT. Once the initial setup is done it will take only a few minutes to do the EFT evey however often you do it.

Once the EFT file is generated and sent to your bank, all you have to do is click one button to update all the financial data related to the students who were included in the EFT list. It's that simple.