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Student/Member Management ...more details and screenshots

There are a million details that you need to keep track of when running a school:

  • Who's been missing classes?
  • Whose birthday is coming up?
  • Who is due for a promotion or advance in rank?
  • Whose contract is ready for renewal?
  • Whose free lessons end soon?
BlueSmart gives you the power to sort your student/member list based on the above criteria and many more, with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Student Management
Membership Tuition/Fee Tracking ...more details and screenshots

Different schools have different tuition payment schedules. Managing your tuition and fee payments with BlueSmart is easy and flexible: You can invoice your students monthly or by the actual number of classes your students attend.

Late payments and total amounts owed are all automatically calculated and presented to you in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Account tracking
Student ID Card Printing ...more details and screenshots
BlueSmart provides easy one-step ID card printing that allows you to print ID cards complete with your students' barcodes and pictures. With just a few mouse clicks, you'll get professional-looking ID cards that work perfectly with our BlueScan Automated Attendance Tracking module.

Print Student ID Cards
Attendance Tracking ...more details and screenshots
Keeping track of who came to class when, and how many times they attended can be quite a headache once your business starts to grow. BlueSmart simplifies attendance tracking and presents you with detailed statistical and graphical analyses of either individual students or the entire school. BlueSmart can even be programmed to play a greeting to your students when they check in and, if desired, alert you to critical information. Our student ID card printing feature allows you to print perfect ID cards complete with barcodes and student photographs, and when combined with the optional BlueScan plug-in module, makes attendance tracking virtually effortless.

Student tracking
Custom Data ...more details and screenshots
Our Custom Data feature puts you in control of the information you need to keep track of in order to run your school. A wide variety of schools use BlueSmart: academic schools, dance, music and art academies, fitness centers and health clubs, martial arts, yoga and pilates studios - the list goes on and on - and each of them has unique requirements for the types of data they need to keep track of.
Our Custom Data feature allows you to design and store absolutely any type of data to suit your particular shcool's needs.
Student tracking
Calendar and Scheduler ...more details and screenshots
BlueSmart has a tightly-integrated, full featured calendar/scheduler that allows you to do amazing things such as manage individual class attendees, send email reminders to students, and share calendar schedules with your staff members.
Calendar scheduler
Lesson Planner ...more details and screenshots
Build lesson plans for a class on any given day, and then email the lesson plan to your students and staff. Calendar scheduler
Gradebook ...more details and screenshots
Our powerful Gradebook feature makes it easy to track your students' performance. The flexible design, along with a clean and easy-to-use interface makes it simple to keep track of your students' grades.
Run EFT In-House ...more details and screenshots
If you would rather not pay hundreds of dollars each month to have your school's EFT done by an external tuition processing company, this is your choice: Easy, do it yourself In-House EFT!

Automatic Critical Information Reminder ...more details and screenshots

BlueSmart's Critical Information Reminder automatically pops up to alert you to tasks that need your attention. You can customize BlueSmart to display the amount and types of information you'd like in your reminders.

Statistical Analysis and Report Generation ...more details and screenshots

BlueSmart keeps track and makes sense of the information necessary for analyzing the performance of your business. Everything from the number of students and attendance and tuition records, to the total sales volume of your business can be sorted and presented in statistical and graphical representations.

Stats and reports
Staff Management and Software Access Control ...more details and screenshots
BlueSmart's Staff Management feature makes keeping track of your staff's performance, job assignments, and communication easier than ever before. Its Software Access Control allows you to assign specific software access privileges for each staff member.

Staff management
Data Protection ...more details and screenshots
Losing data due to failure of your computer's hard drive can be devastating for your business. BlueSmart provides an easy data backup and recovery tool that allows you to safeguard your data. Just a couple of clicks a day will keep your vital data from getting lost.

Data protection
Product Sales and Inventory Control ...more details and screenshots
If you stock and sell merchandise on site, this is the perfect tool to help you process sales and maintain inventory records.

Product management and sales
Form Letter and Label Generation ...more details and screenshots
Choose a letter from our database of hundreds of prewritten letters and merge it with your student list. For even greater flexibility, you can customize your letters using built-in variables. We've also built in our standard label printing function which easily customizes your labels and prints them perfectly in standard label sizes of your choice.

Letters and Labels
Organize Tests and Events ...more details and screenshots
Organizing and coordinating test schedules and events can be incredibly time-consuming. We listened to our clients and created this tool just to ease their burdens. The Event and Test Module is an integral part of BlueSmart that helps you focus on growing your business and teaching rather than getting hopelessly tangled up in day-to-day chores.

Test organizer
Built-In Contact and Information Organizer ...more details and screenshots
Our Contact and Information Manager is tightly integrated with BlueSmart, so you don't have to keep your customer and contact information separate. This single point of contact information management is further enhanced by our built-in Information Manager.
Contact and info manager