Student/Membership Control
All vital student information is in plain view, or is no more than a single mouse click away.

BlueSmart make it easy for you to:

  • Print student rosters
  • Record and manage buyer and student contact logs
  • Track student performance
  • Import pictures - digital cameras, scanners, file imports and webcams are all supported

Easy one-click tuition and fee payment processing.

Multiple tuition payment types are available; paid monthly or for actual number of classes attended. Also in-school and outsourced tuition payment processing options are available.

All personal performance histories such as attendance, test results, promotions, achievements, disciplinary actions and school grades are easily accessible on the tabbed pages.

Custom Data - Where you design, store and manage your school's data.

This flexible feature allows you to store and manage any type of data needed for tracking your students' performance. With the Custom Data feature, you design the framework for structuring your data and attach any types of files (text files, video clips, sound files, spreadsheets, picture files, etc.) that go with the data.

For example: Music schools can easily store and manage audio or video files of their students' recitals; art and photography studios can store picture files of each student's work; fitness centers can store records of body mass changes over time and can include not only tables of these changes, but also multimedia files that illustrate each student's performance.

The student attendance record to the left is one example of how easy it is to use BlueSmart.

The Attendance Detail page not only color-codes the calendar for the days the student attended class, but also displays how many times the student took classes each day.