Attendance Management

Processing attendance with BlueSmart is a snap, either by manually entering the information or by using BlueScan, our optional barcode scanner module.

Your students' check-in times and dates are recorded automatically, with the option of allowing multiple attendance for a given day.

Your school's daily attendance stats are always there at your fingertips.

With the optional, but recommended BlueScan module, you can easily create and print barcoded student ID cards so students can scan their attendance information in one quick step. When the scanner module is on, the system will wait in the background for the scanner to read the student ID barcodes.

Simply click the Attendance Statistics tab to view the attendance statistics for your whole school or for an individual student.

You can easily change the period for which the statistics are generated.

Stats for an individual student can be viewed in a table, graph or calendar format.

Attendance stats can be displayed in an easy-to-read chart form. There are eight different chart types to choose from.

Charts can be resized or repositioned before printing.