Attendance Management

BlueSmart Premiere comes with a powerful built in calendar/scheduler. It is tightly integrated with the rest of BlueSmart that many critical schedule items such as classes and tests are automatically set for you.

It also allows you to customize each individual class attendances so you can manage your classes more efficiently.

Select a class from the Calendar, build a lesson plan for that class, and share it with students and staff members via email. All lesson plan items you created are automatically saved in the repository, which means generating new lesson plans is just a matter of a few mouse clicks.


Occasions arise that requires the schedules to change and all your staff members need to be aware of the changes. It takes only a few mouse clicks to send calendar schedules to your staff. Of course, you have an absolute control over what events or what schedule periods should be sent. Each emails are automatically customized for each receiving staff members, so that they know exactly what part of the schedules are for them.











And this is what the emailed schedule looks like. Notice that the bold faced items are the events belong to the email recipient.


BlueSmart emailing system has a neat trick of sending email directly from your computer to the students' email. That means you do not need to have an email server set up, which is a lot of hassle, and you don't have to deal with each email service provider's various restriction regarding sending many emails simultaneously.

You can also send email reminders to all students who are scheduled for specific classes. Again, a few mouse click is all it takes to accomplish this.